Why Choose Aluminium Shutters?

Why Choose Aluminium Shutters?

The benefits of aluminium shutters

Boost the resale value of your home

Our aluminium shutters are a smart and timeless choice. I would highly recommended aluminium over any other materials such as PVC or other engineered wood products, for its durable and ductile nature. Aluminium also looks almost identical to the wooden equivalent, but lasts much longer.

Easy to clean

Cleaning your shutters is as easy as it gets. All you need is a damp cloth to wipe over the blades every now and again, to remove any dust that has settled. Basically, you'll save time on the cost of washing drapes or curtains, and it will get your house looking in tip-top shape with minimal effort.

Complete light and temperature control

With snug fitting window shutters, you can control how much or how little sunlight enters the room. The blades can be opened a little or a lot in either upward or downward positions, optimal for both heat and light control. And, because all the aluminium components have an insulating air pocket, they keep your home's internal warmth in and unwanted external heat out.

Child safe and durable

Even though I'm not planning on having any little Harvey's run around my home anytime soon, I like to know that my window treatments are 100% child safe. Not only that, they're completely water and fireproof, making them an ideal choice for bathrooms, kitchens or anywhere else that has to brave the elements.

Interested in purchasing aluminium shutters for your home? I'd love to hear from you! Browse my affordable product range online today.


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