Spotlight On: Folding Arm Awnings

Spotlight On: Folding Arm Awnings

The advantages of folding arm awnings

Fully Retractable

Based on the name, you'd be correct in guessing that these awnings have the ability to fold. This feature is incredibly handy, as it allows flexibility depending on the time of day. Say you're sitting outside enjoying brunch on the patio and the summer sun is beaming directly into your eyes, simply extend the awnings. Or, if you're sitting outdoors and feeling a tad on the chilly side, fold them away with the touch of a button.


Unlike fixed awnings, folding arm awnings are fully retractable, so they're completely out of sight when not in use. This can help to make your space seem bigger if you're entertaining, and also comes in handy when the weather is particularly wild.


Due to the fold-away design of these awnings, they have a much longer life-space compared to other outdoor products. When the wind, rain and elements hit, folding arm awnings can be easily tucked away to avoid damage. Plus, exposure to the sun can cause the fabric on your awnings to fade over time, which means that folding arm awnings will stay looking good as new for much longer.


No longer only reserved for use above windows and doors, modern awnings can now be used to protect an entire pool area, car space, or to create an extended outdoor dining and entertaining space. Thanks to their stylish design and smart functionality, you're not limited to what you can and can't do with folding arm awnings!

If you're interested in installing folding arm awnings at your home, don't hesitate to call my Australian customer support team on 1300 699 041. They'll even beat any competing quote you may have by 5 percent!


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