Spotlight On: DIY Roller Blinds

Spotlight On: DIY Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are one of the classic window treatments that consists of a single sheet of fabric on one single roller system. This minimal, yet stylish design allows the fabric to roll away neatly onto the top tube whenever you’d like to sit back and enjoy the view.

This makes operation effortless and helps maintain a neat and tidy appearance in your home.

Rollers are available as both chain control blinds and motorised blinds. Chain operated allows you to roll the fabric up or down with ease manually, whereas motorisation permits the adjustment of light with a remote control, wall switch or even your smart phone. Both systems can be applied to roller blinds as well as double roller blinds, which offer superior privacy and light filtering properties.

How to install roller blinds:

Installing your very own roller blinds may take a few easy steps, but by following our instructional video, the satisfaction of the installation process (and the final product) will last for years.

Do roller blinds provide insulation?

Roller blinds are an excellent way to keep the heat at bay during the warmer months and retain warmth when the mercury starts to sink. Available in three distinct fabrics; translucent, sunscreen and blockout, If complete light control is what you are after, blockout fabric will tick all the right boxes.

Blockout fabric remains one of the most popular window treatment fabrics in Australia due to its practical and effective approach to keeping the light out and your home cool. The thick fabric of the blockout roller blind can intercept almost all light that enters through the window. Therefore, acting as an incredible insulator and working hard to regulate the temperature in your home.

If you love the blockout qualities of roller blinds but want added privacy during the daytime, double roller blinds could fit the bill. Double roller blinds permit the addition of another fabric layer in the one blind. A popular fabric combination for example is the pairing of a sunscreen fabric layer with a blockout layer. The blockout layer keeps out the light, whereas the sunscreen layer permits light during the day whilst retaining privacy.

How to clean roller blinds:

Naturally, over time your window treatments are going to accumulate dust or debris, roller blinds are no exception. Luckily, you’d be hard-pressed to find an easier window treatment to clean!

  1. Start by rolling your blinds down so that the full length of the fabric is extended. This will ensure no area of the fabric is left covered in dust or debris.
  2. Next, grab a damp cloth and gently wipe down the surface. Make sure you wipe both sides of the fabric and allow time for the blind to dry thoroughly (to avoid mould) before rolling it back up.
  3. Finally, make sure to wipe around the blinds, as dust can easily collect around the corners of the fixture.

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