Keep Heating Costs Down in Winter With Energy Efficient Blinds

Keep Heating Costs Down in Winter With Energy Efficient Blinds

Top tips to keep bills down

Considering Australia’s extreme temperatures, you mightn’t be surprised to learn that around 40% of the average Aussie home’s energy or gas bills go towards heating and cooling costs. However, did you know that approximately up to 40% of your home’s heat is lost through the windows?

Keep reading for our top product picks and tips that will help to preserve warmth in your home during the winter months and save you money!

Best Energy Efficient Blinds

When it comes to preventing heat loss in your home, opt for insulating blinds and curtains that can be customised with blockout fabric. The thick fabric that makes up blockout blinds and curtains provides an extra layer of insulation and is great for keeping your home at a more comfortable temperature throughout the year.

Roman blinds

With their unique fold-up design, Roman Blinds are a popular and stylish blind that will suit most homes. These blinds are a predominately fabric blind, which makes them easy to customise for maximum functionality. If you’d like to prevent heat loss in the home, opt for total blockout fabric. The thick, opaque nature of the material means that these blinds provide excellent insulation and will help to stop heat from passing through your windows.

Roller blinds

These minimal blinds are great for covering large windows in modern-style homes. Roller Blinds are also one of the most functional ways to manage heat and light in the home as they can completely block the sun or filter warm sunshine through your windows. For maximum heat retention, opt for double roller blinds so that you can combine two fabrics in one roller blind. I’d recommend pairing sheer fabric with a blockout fabric. The sheer layer will provide privacy during the daytime, while the blockout layer will provide insulation keep warmth in your home and lower your energy bills.

Blockout curtains

Blockout curtains, also known as blackout curtains, are popular for many reasons. Not only do they help to darken the room, they can also help to insulate your home. During the cooler months, the thickly lined fabric traps warmth inside the home. Then, during the warmer months, the fabric prevents hot air from passing through the windows.

Other tips to prevent heat loss

There are many ways that warmth can escape your home, sending your heating bill up higher than ever! In addition to installing energy efficient insulating blinds, here are two simple ways to stay warm this winter.

Keep your blinds shut

Regardless of what style of window treatments you choose, my top tip is to shut or close them whenever possible. Of course, you won’t want to do this in the middle of a sunny winter day, but once the sun starts to set it’s best to close your blinds, shutters or curtains to stop that precious heat from escaping out the window.

Double glazed windows

While it’s a more expensive solution for preserving warmth in your home, it’s also an effective solution! Double glazed windows are ideal for insulation, as they’re incredibly effective way to keep heat out in summer and keep heat inside in winter.

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