Keep Heating Costs Down in Winter With Energy Efficient Blinds

Keep Heating Costs Down in Winter With Energy Efficient Blinds

Top tips to keep bills down

Roman Blinds

With their unique fold-up design, Romans are a popular and stylish blind that will suit most homes. These blinds are a predominately fabric blind, which makes them easy to customise for maximum functionality. If you’d like to save on heating costs in the home, opt for total block-out fabric. The thick, opaque nature of the material means that it provides excellent insulation and will help to stop heat from passing through your windows.

Roller Blinds

These minimal, modern blinds are great for covering large windows in modern-style homes. Rollers are also one of the most functional ways to manage heat and light in the home as they can completely block the sun or filter warm sunshine through your windows. For maximum heat retention, opt for double roller blinds so that you can combine two fabrics in one roller blind – I’d recommend pairing sheer fabric with a block-out fabric. The sheer layer will provide privacy during the daytime, while the block-out layer will provide insulation to help save you money on your energy bills.

Keep Blinds Shut

Regardless of what style of window treatments you choose, my top tip is to shut or close them whenever possible. Of course, you won’t want to do this in the middle of a sunny winter day, but once dusk settles in around 5pm it’s best to close your blinds, shutters or curtains to stop that precious heat from escaping out the window.

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