Brunswick Style: Get The Boho Look With These Blinds

Brunswick Style: Get The Boho Look With These Blinds

Next up on our journey around Australia, we’re stopping by Melbourne to visit the effortlessly stylish suburb of Brunswick. Here, you’ll find the bright, patterned and utterly unique style known as ‘bohemian’ (commonly referred to as Boho), which is inspired by those who lead free-spirited, unconventional lives. As a result, elements of various styles and cultures combine to make an eclectic style as unique as the people who inspired it.

The design rules of Boho are pretty simple: there are no rules! In order to achieve the look, no element should be too ‘perfect’ or put together, to ensure that no two interiors are alike. However, while most bohemian-styled spaces will look completely different to one another, there are some visual themes and styling choices that tend to be consistent.

Wooden Furnishings

A collection of wooden furniture or furnishings can be commonly found in Boho-styled homes. Chairs, tables or picture frames with natural timber tones and character-filled wood grains are often collected from vintage stores, markets or even from the roadside to achieve a Boho-lovers’ paradise. While a wooden chair or picture frame is easy to find second-hand, it can near impossible to find a set of window treatments to match your Boho home (and fit your windows). Traditional plantation shutters like our basswood shutters will help create that bohemian vibe whilst being a great back drop for all your carefully selected pieces.

White on White

When creating your dream Boho interior from scratch, white can be a great place to start. White on white walls or window treatments can create the perfect blank canvas to layer colourful and quirky items such as plants, cushions, wall hangings and woven rugs around your home. It’s all about choosing pieces that really speak to you and then displaying them in your home, but it’s also about the eclectic combination of items rather than the individual pieces that will really help to bring your Boho interior to life.

We recommend our dreamy white sheer curtains as a stylish backdrop for your Boho interior. The sheer texture ensures the white doesn’t become too stark or overpowering, while allowing an abundance of natural light to enter through the windows. This style of window treatments also provides the added bonus of maintaining your privacy during the daytime.

Bright Colours

When it comes to bohemian decor, bright colours and bold hues are a popular choice (the bolder the better). Deep browns, greens or shades of grey work well for base colours to take up the majority of the space, followed by the addition of accent shades such as purple, orange, and blue. If you’d like to inject colour into your home via the window treatments, vertical blinds are available in a variety of eye-catching colours.

Different Textures

When it comes to adding bohemian vibes to your home, texture is everything! Items like thickly woven rugs, beaded wall hangings and rattan furniture can add visual intrigue, as can curtains or blinds. By layering multiple window treatments, you can enjoy the practical benefits of heat, light and privacy control. We recommend pairing sheer curtains with blockout roller blinds for an interesting layered look.

Roman blinds also integrate well with Bohemian interiors due to their practicality and ability to be easily customised. As this is a popular style of blinds, Romans are available in a variety of colours and textures, which is perfect because when it comes to the bohemian look, you can never have too many textures!

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