6 affordable DIY tips for your rental property

6 affordable DIY tips for your rental property

From lower housing costs to location flexibility, there are plenty of reasons to love renting. One of the downsides, however, is that the house, unit or apartment you’re living isn’t technically yours, which limits what you can and can’t do to personalise the space. That being said, there are plenty of easy, affordable DIY rental improvements you can make to turn your rental property into home sweet home. Keep reading for some of our favourites.

1. Green out

For a temporary gardening option that’s low fuss, easy to maintain and will keep your garden and home tidy, you can’t go past a raised garden bed. This ‘do it yourself’ garden idea is a great alternative to a traditional garden bed, as it can be easily installed and adjusted to suit the size of your rental property’s backyard. Whether you want to plant a few veggies, herbs or even just some flowers, the choice is yours!

Once you’ve selected a garden bed, look for an area that allows water drainage (e.g. on porous bricks, lawn or soil). There are even options on that market that come with their own draining systems, which are perfect for patios and balconies.

2. Upgrade the porcelain throne

While we can’t quite compare the toilet in your rental property to a public one, chances are it’s still seen its fair share of stranger’s buttocks in its day. Replacing a toilet seat is an incredibly easy DIY job and it’s something that can make you feel more at home. Plus, toilet seats are very affordable to buy, so it won’t matter once it’s time to move on to your next rental, or home of your own.

Before you get stuck into this DIY job, all you need to do is check the measurements of the existing seat’s fastening bolts to ensure you buy the right one.

3. Curtain call

When most people are choosing a rental property, they’re generally taking the location, bedrooms, bathrooms and security into account. So, you can’t exactly blame your landlord for skimping on the window treatments!

Luckily for you, replacing curtains or blinds is just one of the many easy rental improvements you can make in your home. We recommend installing DIY curtains in a rental, as you can easily take them with you to your next rental once your lease is up. If you’re buying window treatments for your first home, get some advice here.

Note: Always check with your landlord before drilling into walls!

4. More to store

Frustrated by the lack of storage solutions in your rental property? The trick is to buy furniture with built-in shelves! Think coffee tables with cupboards, bed bases with drawers and a desk with a hutch. Best of all, once you purchase these items, they’re yours to take along to your next home.

5. Light it up

If your landlord won’t get back to you about changing those dodgy light fixtures, it might be time to take matters into your own hands. Adorn your space with decorative yet functional lamps. Or, for a more challenging do it yourself project, grab some DIY pendant lights and screw them into existing fixtures to give any room a refreshed look.

6. Picture perfect

The last item on our list of DIY tips is an oldie but a goodie. To personalise your rental property without damaging the walls, grab some removeable picture hangers. This way, you can add your favourite art or photos of loved ones to your walls without compromising your bond.

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