Standard Bright Silver Express Aluminium Venetian Blinds

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How to measure?
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Stylish Aluminium blinds

Each of our two styles of aluminium blinds (Standard or Premium with 25mm slats) has a timeless appeal. Plus they give you the flexibility to match the interior design style you've selected for your home.

These simple, easy-to-use blinds include the following six, key features:

  • Four, fantastic, fashion colours;
  • Child-safe, loop-free cords for lifting and lowering the blinds more easily;
  • Huge flexibility - go as wide as 2400mm and as deep (the full drop of the blind) as 2150mm;
  • A sensationally colour-coordinated head, bottom-rail and cords;
  • Each blind has a special wand to use to adjust the 25mm slats; and
  • Great split-control to operate the wand and cords.

Our 3-Day Express Aluminium Venetian Blinds give you the same factory-direct-quality and attention-to-detail but with High-Priority Speed. Using your selected fabric colour we precision-manufacture your new Aluminium Venetian blinds in just three working days and dispatch them to you on the fourth (naturally, we cannot make or send the blinds on weekends or public holidays). Plus delivery time 1-6 working days.

Express Aluminium Venetian Blinds Standard Bright Silver Product Specifications

Minimum width: 350mm
Maximum width: 2400mm
Minimum drop: 350mm
Maximum drop: 2150mm
Blind colour: Bright Silver
Measurement type: Recess or Face fit
Bracket type: Metal
Bracket size: 31.9mm x 28.8mm
Head rail size: 24mm high x 25mm deep
Slat width 25mm
Projection 33mm from back of bracket to front of blind
Cord cleats Clear PVC
Package contents: Blind, fixing brackets, cord cleat, hold down clips, installation instructions

How to measures

Measuring your window blinds

No matter what type of blind you require, measuring your windows is easy with our simple instructions.

What you will need

  1. Tape measure (metal ones are best)
  2. Pen and paper

Recess Fit (Inside window frame)

Measuring a Face Fit window

When the blinds are required to fit inside the window recess.

Select this option if you wish to supply the size of the recess into which the blinds will fit. To provide this measurement, select "inside recess" as the measurement option. This will require measurement of the window in 3 places, as shown to the left; please provide us with the smallest measurement.

On all blinds except Roller Blinds and Vision Blinds we will deduct a small amount to ensure the blinds clear the sides and bottom of the recess, allowing for correct operation. We will make a deduction of 10mm from the width, 5mm off each side and up to 10mm from the drop. On Roller Blinds and Vision Blinds we only allow approximately 2mm deduction on width measurement as this will lessen the fabric gap.

Minimum Depth required for RECESS TO FIX BRACKET.

This is a guide with an understanding that the minimum depth for the bracket may mean that the blinds and bracket will sit outside the window recess.

Roller Blinds 30mm - 70mm
Double Roller Blinds 30mm - 100mm
Vertical Blinds 89mm 30mm - 85mm
Vertical Blinds 127mm 30mm - 90mm
Aluminium Venetian Blinds 20mm - 35mm
Timber-look Nova Blinds 30mm - 70mm
Cedar Venetian Blinds 30mm - 70mm
Panel Glide Blinds 30mm - 65mm
Soft Roman Blinds 40mm - 50mm
Vision Blinds 55mm - 85mm
Sheer Curtains (Vertical Sheer Blinds) 30mm - 90mm

Face Fit (Outside window frame)

Measuring a Face Fit window

When the blinds are required to hang outside the window recess.

For all types of blinds follow these instructions if you want your blind to hang outside the window recess:

  1. Measure the exact width of where you'd like your blind to be. We recommend the blind overlaps the window by at least 50mm to a 100mm on each edge depending on the space you have. If you have an architrave we recommend measuring from outside of architrave to outside of architrave. Note the measurement.
  2. Measure the exact drop from the top of where you want your blind to be to the bottom. Please note we recommend 50mm to a 100mm above the window opening depending on the space you have. Note the measurement.

Handy Hints

  • All of our blinds are made to measure. Please follow the instructions carefully. Make sure you take your measurements using a STEEL rule or tape.
  • Take all your measurements in millimetres (mm).
  • When measuring, always look out for things like window handles or tiles and take their position into account if necessary, to ensure a perfect fit.
  • When taking measurements please follow this helpful rule - "measure once, measure twice and measure again to be sure!".
  • All of our blinds can be fitted into the face of the window frame or wall, or into the top of the lintel. This gives you complete control over the positioning of your blind.

How to install

Aluminium Venetian Blind Installation Instructions

Download Instructions

Download TTS Instructions

Please Note: Screws are not supplied for bracket fixings and are dependent on the surface to which you are fixing please see chart below for recommended guide:
Fixture Guide Recommended Philips Head
Wood ¾" 8 gauge for recess fit and ½" 8 gauge for face fit
Steel ½" 6 gauge
Ceiling Toggle Bolt
Plasterboard Wall mates
Aluminium ½ 8 gauge or tech screw
Brick Green plug and 1 ½ 8 gauge self tapper

Watch how to install a Aluminium Venetian Blind


Depending on if your blind is face fit or recess fit place the brackets in position and with a pencil mark the surface of the wall or window recess for drilling. Brackets should be positioned at each end of the head rail avoiding internal controls. On larger blinds one or more central support brackets are required.


When you are happy that you have correct positions for the brackets pre drill the screw holes and fix brackets securely.


To fix the blind in position, gently push the head rail onto the front hooks of the bracket (this is the plastic sprung insert) Push inwards and twist the back of the head rail upwards in one motion. The head rail will snap into position.


Secure the safety cleat supplied, firmly to the wall at least 1.6m up from the floor to avoid a choking hazard. It is important to keep chains and cords safely away from children your new blind will have a safety warning tag attached please read carefully and do not remove.


To operate your new blind use cord control to lift and lower, using a steady tension and movement and avoid jerking or tugging of the cords.


Do you do installation?

No, we are an online supplier only, all our customers do the installing themselves.

Can i order samples of fabrics?

Yes, on our website you can order free samples and we will ship it for free.

Do you supply extension bracket?

Yes we can supply those please make note of this in the comment section of your order.

What if my blinds don't fit?

You can organise to send your blinds back if they are too large. We can trim them down for a small fee.

If your blinds is too short you will need to purchase new ones. So check triple check your measurements.

What are your office hours?

Our customer services operates Monday to Friday 10:30am - 6:30pm AEST

Can you do a Cord Control Vertical Blinds

Yes we can.

What colour is Opal Anodised

Silver Brushed.

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