Your Guide to Home Interior Design Styling

Your Guide to Home Interior Design Styling

Interior Design Styling

As it sounds, interior design styling is simply the process of styling and planning the interior design of a space. While this may sound like an easy task, there is a lot involved in creating a space that’s affordable to design, works exactly as you need it to and that looks nice when it’s finished.

Benefits of creating a style for your home

Your home is a blank canvas for you to create your masterpiece! Depending on your overall vision, you can either choose to have one consistent theme through all the rooms and spaces in your house, or you can mix it up with different styles. There’s no right answer as to which you choose to create, but there are benefits to both.

The benefit of creating one consistent style throughout your home, is that you know your design is cohesive and flows from one area to another.

If you’re wanting to give each space its own feel, mixing it up with different styles is the perfect way to achieve this. Particularly if you want to have themed rooms for kids, or even unique spaces like a theatre room or games room, it’s hard to have creative freedom with just one theme.

Different interior design styles

There are many different interior styles to choose from when decorating your home. Whether you’re a fan of a classic look, a retro design, or you prefer a modern interior, there’s something that’s bound to work for your home!


Not a fan of clutter? Like a clean and refined space? Want to follow interior design trends? Look no further than to a minimalist home design.

The idea of a minimalist interior design comes from the practice of minimalism, where you only have the essential items. In design, this translates to a simplistic, clean, and finished design, where you don’t have more items than you need to dress your space, and you don’t keep a lot of items on display.

Minimalist design can also be in the form of the colours you choose. Typically, black, white and the shades in between make up a minimalistic colour palette. But you can choose any colour palette if it sticks to the same principles of having only minimal colour choices.

When choosing window coverings to match this interior styling, you want to go for simple options. One way to achieve this is by installing Motorised blinds. Motorised blinds are a very stylish option for you home as they can be controlled with a smartphone or smart home device, rather than with manual controls. This eliminates the need for unsightly loose and dangling cords interfering with your modern home design. For more information on choosing the right window coverings, head to our blog for tips on achieving a minimalist look with blinds.

Retro design

For a wild throwback, why not take inspiration from the period of retro design for a fresh, funky, and fun home interior design? Traditional retro design is characterised by a bold colour palette, eccentric font choices and designs, and a very distinctive art style.

With retro, you can take it from any period you like. If you love the period of retro gaming, a few ideas to decorate your home could be to include the colours, characters, or story from your favourite games.

If you’re an art lover, some ideas to decorate your walls could be to find your favourite retro artworks and create a gallery feature wall.

When you’re choosing furniture to fit a retro space, the quirky, one-of-a-kind pieces are going to be your winners. To get an idea of where to start looking for these pieces, try second-hand stores or go antiquing and give a piece you find a retro upcycling.


Hamptons styling is the epitome of luxury and higher society, however a space inspired by the Hamptons doesn’t have to have a high price tag.

The main colour in a Hamptons-inspired colour palette is generally a clean, crisp white. White is the perfect base colour as it’s easy to pair furniture, art, and accessories with.

A great starting point to create your colour palette is to take inspiration from where the Hamptons are located: by the coast. Think of the cream tones of the sand, the soft blue of the sky and the deep blue of the ocean.

A great curtain option for a Hamptons space is Vertisheer blinds. These blinds are light, functional, and have a sheer finish, giving them a luxurious feel. They are perfect for giving your space a high-end look for an affordable price.

To find out more about Vertisheers and other Hamptons-inspired blinds, head to our blog!

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A coastal interior décor style is designed to make your home feel calm, natural, relaxed, and simple. Decor items tend to be made from natural, or from a natural-look material, such as straw, wood, stone, rattan, or even seagrass. A coastal colour palette is made up of white, shades of blue and green, and the light wood or timber look.

Just like the movement of an ocean current, houses with a coastal interior design tend to flow from one space to another, and therefore have more of an open-plan living area and kitchen.

When choosing decor items to complete a coastal space, the easy décor option is finding nautical-themed items such as shells, anchors, sailor’s hats, or boats. While this can still work, for a more refined look, try and use these items minimally. To create a modern design with a coastal feel, find more refined pieces and try to combine your styling with a minimalist feel.

For window covering options, head to our blog on choosing the right blinds for a coastal interior design.


Country homes are traditionally very cosy spaces. They’re full of warmth, family pictures, and are simple in their styling. Common design aspects of a country-inspired home décor are:

  • Flowers (typically fresh from the garden)
  • Natural finishes
  • Vintage/ industrial feel items
  • Timber flooring
  • A fireplace
  • Plenty of throw blankets and cushions
  • Natural textures
  • Creating comfort - cosy areas/ photos

A great design aspect to intertwine into your country-inspired home décor is including a mudroom near the entrance. Whether you live in the country, or in suburban areas, it’s good to have a dedicated space for taking off dirty shoes before traipsing dirt or sand through your home.

Art Deco

Just like Jay Gatsby, if you love the opulence of the design which emerged during the 1920s, Art Deco could be a style to consider for your home. Art Deco consists of mostly geometric shapes mixed with organic lines. Art Deco is also known for over the top, luxurious light fixtures and accessories, bold patterns, and a black, gold, and silver colour palette. Other interpretations of Art Deco include a brighter and bolder colour palette.

Just like a Hamptons home, creating an Art Deco interior design doesn’t need to be expensive. There are many ways you can upcycle old furniture into something luxurious, simply with a fresh coat of paint and some fancy-looking handles or fixtures. You can also use textured or patterned wallpaper for a feature wall, or to create patterns on your furniture.

To learn more about Art Deco Interior Design, head to our blog.

Bohemian (Boho)

If you’re after a cosy atmosphere and creating a home that feels lived in and less like a showroom, Bohemian-inspired styling might be for you!

Bohemian (also known as boho) styling, is a way of decorating your home to feel like it’s a warm, relaxing space, with an abundance of colour and personality.

If you’re feeling indecisive about choosing a specific colour palette for your space, the beauty of a boho interior design is that you don’t have to choose!

Boho mixes a variety of colours, patterns, and textures together to create an eclectic feel. To bring in different textures, you can use rugs, mats, blankets, cushions, pot plants, hanging baskets, tapestries, and of course, furniture. Rattan furniture tends to be a popular styling choice when creating a boho feel.

There are no set rules to this styling, so you’re free to express your creativity in any way you feel is right for your home! Boho is becoming more popular as an interior design trend with people simply wanting their home to reflect their personality and interests. It’s also a great style to choose if you don’t feel there is another interior design style that best suits your tastes.

To make your window dressings work with your space, head to our blog about how to create a boho look with blinds!


There are many ways the term ‘rustic’ is used to describe a space. The most common way to describe a rustic-inspired home is a space that’s created through using natural furniture and accessories. It’s not a modern and clean finish, but rather, it’s a space that has been well-loved, is a bit rough around the edges and has imperfections that add character to your home.

To find pieces that fit a rustic home styling, shopping for brand-new, mass-produced pieces isn’t likely to work. Instead, try shopping at antique shops, second-hand stores, or from boutique shops specialising in one-of-a-kind, hand-made furniture.

When you’re creating the rest of your space, opting for finishes like exposed brick, natural fibres, and accent pieces with a wood or wood-like finish to them, will top off your style.

If you’re looking to add window coverings into a rustic-inspired home decor, the best styles are blinds with a timber finish. If your space is high in humidity or exposed to water, going for a wood-like (faux wood) can help your blinds to last longer. A great wood-like option is our Timber-look Nova blinds or Woodlux Venetian blinds.

For more inspiration on creating a rustic look with blinds, head to our blog.

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