Yallingup Style: Get The Coastal Look With These Window Treatments

Yallingup Style: Get The Coastal Look With These Window Treatments

How to achieve the modern coastal look

Welcome to the very first edition of our Australian style series, which will feature popular interior styles inspired by some of the best places in the country. Throughout this series, we’ll show you how to achieve each look with our affordable window treatments.

First up is the beautiful town of Yallingup in WA, famous for its dramatic coastline and for being recently awarded the title of the ‘Best Australian Town’ for 2019 by the Australian Traveller.

Considering the location, it should come as no surprise that the coastal look is popular in Yallingup homes. But of course, this doesn’t mean every room is adorned with shells and driftwood. The coastal look is relaxed and unassuming and, when done right, works just as well in a suburban home as it does in a beach-front property.

Textures and patterns work well with this style, as they replicate natural surfaces and add strong visual intrigue. White and cream tones are a great base for beach vibes, creating a cool, calm backdrop. If you want to introduce colour, consider introducing shades of orange, green or blue.

Soft furnishings, including vertisheer blinds, are a fantastic way to add texture and colour to the room. Additionally, these window treatments are great for protecting your privacy.

Basswood shutters are also a popular choice for achieving a relaxed, coastal look due to their striking visual impact. These durable window fixtures will not only offer year-round light and privacy control, but they'll also add value to your home.

If shutters won’t quite fit your budget, timber-look venetians are another great option. They offer the same striking horizontal design for a more affordable price. Similar to our shutters, these blinds are also available in a wide variety of colours.

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