What to shop: Recess or face fit?

What to shop: Recess or face fit?

What are face fitting blinds?

A face fitting roller blind sits attached to the face of your window recess (that’s the distance between the window pane and the wall the window is built into).

What often makes face fitting roller blinds a crowd favorite, is their ability to welcome light into your home and make your window appear larger whilst maintaining total privacy.

Looking out onto the street? Yes, please.

Looking in from the street? No, thankyou.

Are blinds better inside or outside the recess?

Haven’t thought about recess since primary school? You’re not the only one.

Whether you choose to mount your blinds within or outside your window’s recess is a personal preference. Both options look great if installed correctly. Here’s the big difference.

Face fitting blinds are when the blind roller sits outside the window architrave. Which is the intereior moulding that frames your window.

It’s a sure way for your window’s to appear larger. They provide an excellent level of privacy and the entire window is covered by the blind. Meaning you can shut out the light just as easily as you can invite it inside.

Now, the recessed roller blinds tuck into the window frame itself. This option serves as a streamlined look as the blind sits right up against the glass.

Ideal for a deeper window. It does take a bit more measuring to land the perfect fit. Plus windows with handles and knobs aren’t ideal candidates.

How do you install face fit blinds?

We’ve all bought something from a Scandinavian flat pack furniture store without measuring the space. She’ll be right. Got it home, built it, almost broken up over it, then found out it’s 0.5cm too long the hard way.

Don’t relive it again with your blinds.

Correct measurement is the key to a quick and easy installation.

To measure for face fitting blinds, measure the outside width of the window frame.

Measure across the top, middle and bottom in millimetres and record the largest measurement.

Now, measure the outside height of the window. Start from the point you’d like your blinds to rest above the window frame, and down to the point you’d like your blinds to finish.

To be safe, take three measurements. The left, middle and the right. Making sure to record the largest measurement.

Do Roller Blinds look better in the recess?

There’s no right or wrong answer.

Though, blinds set in the recess are a popular option due to the streamlined, bespoke look it achieves. Neat, compact and tucked away.

One thing to expect is a bit of light bleed. As the blind fits inside the window, light at the edge will peer through.

If you’re looking for even more light control to darken the room during daytime hours, a face fit roller blind may be calling your name. Though as the fabric does not sit completely flat on the wall, there will be a hint of light leakage from the sides and therefore not a total blockout.

If you’ve got any questions about what one of our blinds options is right for your home, let us know! You may also find the answer in our FAQs. You can also reach us via Facebook or by calling my Australian customer support team! Give us a buzz on 1300 699 041, they’ll beat any competing in-store or online blinds quote you have by a huge 10%!

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