Tasmanian Style: Get the rustic look with these 3 blinds

Tasmanian Style: Get the rustic look with these 3 blinds

For the fifth edition of our Australian moodboard series, we’re heading to our island state. In the rugged, unpredictable and always beautiful Tasmania, homes with a rustic theme are scattered everywhere from Hobart in the south to Wynyard in the north. Keep reading to find out how to bring this homely country style to life in your own home.

What is rustic interior design?

The rustic look is unassuming, yet strikingly beautiful. This no-fuss style has a strong focus on repurposed objects and natural materials. Rough, raw textures help to give this style a unique sense of character, while modern colours are incorporated to breathe fresh air into the space.

Features of rustic design

Modern rustic design is a term used to encompass a variety of rugged interiors from farmhouse to industrial. All of these interior design styles feature natural materials such as raw wood, stone, and metals to create an interior that resembles the beauty found in the outside world. Of course, no two country style homes are alike, but there are certain elements, features and themes that carry across this interior style.

Earth tones

An organic rustic aesthetic always features a colour palette that brings comfort and warmth to the space. As a result, the colour palette in a rustic home leans towards neutral muted tones, such as light sand colours, soft and earthy browns and rich greys. If introducing accent colours, look to natural shades inspired by Mother Nature such as rich, dark reds or bold greens.

Refurbished objects

Part of the charm of this homely interior style is a focus on refurbished objects and décor. By staying true to the theme of the past, refurbishing accessories adds character to the space.

Organic materials

The use of natural or organic materials is one of the defining characteristics of a rustic or country style home. Furnishings and décor featuring wood, cotton, linen or leather provide a connection to nature and bring a sense of warmth that’s a key feature of this country style.

While we don’t sell leather blinds or curtains, some of our window treatments are still made from natural materials to suit a home with a rustic theme.

Cedar Venetians

For the ultimate rustic window treatment, you can’t go past our cedar Venetian blinds. These online blinds are made of genuine red cedar and make a warm and inviting addition to any home. The rich reddish hue of these natural wooden blinds helps to bring the rustic look to life, plus, the style of blinds can offer excellent light and privacy control. Simply adjust the slats to let in your desired amount of sunlight and protect your privacy during the day or night. You can browse these blinds online here.

Roman Blinds

When adding blinds or curtains to your space (natural materials aside), it’s important to maintain a rustic look and feel by choosing sturdy and hardwearing fabrics. Our Roman blinds are made from durable polyester and come in a wide range of colours to suit your décor. Even though these blinds are modern, the right colour choice can maintain a rustic aesthetic. We recommend choosing a bold colour that can be repeated as an accent throughout your home, in one of the popular rustic colours mentioned above. You can browse these blinds online here.

Timber-look blinds

Timber-look blinds are a popular window treatment as they offer the look of natural wood with the benefits of a synthetic product. These are a wonderful alternative to natural timber as their water-resistant nature ensures they won’t warp, peel or break easily, even when exposed to moisture or steam. It’s for this reason that they’re ideal for your rustic kitchen. These blinds are also incredibly low maintenance, so there’s no need for extensive cleaning, repair or frequent replacement. You can browse these blinds online here.

Want to bring the rustic look into your home with new blinds? Don't hesitate to ask for help via Facebook, or call our Australian customer support team on 1300 699 041. We deliver Australia-wide, plus most orders over $199 come with free delivery!

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