Styling Sheer Curtains

Styling Sheer Curtains

Add a touch of sophistication with sheers

As beautiful as blinds are, sometimes it can be nice to introduce some stylish sophistication into your home with sheer curtains. Bang-on trend and surprisingly versatile, sheer curtains are a great way to add decorative interest to your window treatments without compromising on functionality.

With multiple fabric colours and styles to choose from, it's important to choose the right ones to suit your space. Here are my top styling tips below:

Classic Colours

When you think of sheers, classic white, cream or grey shades draped delicately over the window instantly come to mind. These colours pair perfectly with just about any type of interior décor, and also work to make your space feel airy and open. Choose these lighter colours if you want to make your room brighter with soft light, while maintaining your privacy.

Metal Edge

If you're feeling a little more daring, sheers with a metallic look could be the right choice for you. Metallic grey shades convey feelings of security, comfort, elegance, all in one, and pair perfectly with décor that's a little more modern or edgy.

Interior designers are seeing an increase in the popularity of metallic feature accents in contemporary homes, which translates into sheer curtains beautifully. This style of sheers adds a bit of sparkle and interest to the window, while still keeping the look restrained and sophisticated.

Bold Black

For something completely different, black sheers are also an option. The dark fabric of these curtains creates a dimmer look in your interior, helping to create a peaceful and quiet space. While black is certainly not a traditional colour when it comes to curtains, it makes for a dynamic addition to any home with a more modern look and feel to it.

Interested in sheers? I'd love to hear from you! Browse my affordable (not to mention stylish) product range online today.


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