How to Pair Your Houseplants With Blinds

How to Pair Your Houseplants With Blinds

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With homes around Australia getting smaller, the desire to bring the outdoors in has only gotten stronger! The only problem is, keeping plants alive inside can be difficult, especially if they don’t get enough natural light or are exposed to too much. An easy solution to helping your plants thrive is to pair them with the right window treatments. Here’s your go-to guide for some of the most popular houseplants.

Cacti and Succulents

Desert-dwelling plants like cacti and the ever-popular succulent absolutely thrive near north-facing windows that receive plenty of warmth and natural sunlight. Blinds such as verticals and roller blinds can be easily adjusted to let in heaps of light, so they’re a great match for these types of plants, in addition to spider plants, caladiums, and aloe vera.

Orchids and Cast Iron Plants

While these plants differ in appearance and general maintenance, they both similar in the fact that they’re sensitive to light. It’s for this reason that we’d recommend light-filtering roller blinds if you have these plant babies living in your home. Light-filtering rollers made from translucent or sunscreen fabrics will ensure that your plants get just right amount of soft sunlight throughout the day.

Snake Plants, Caladiums and Coleus Plants

With thinner slats than vertical blinds, Venetians let in slightly less sunlight and can be easily adjusted. These blinds are well-suited to plants that enjoy the sun in small doses, like snake plants, caladiums and coleus plants.

Fishtail Palms and Ferns

With two layers of horizontally striped fabrics, vision blinds are great for reducing glare and softening sunlight. The design of this stylish blind makes it ideal for plants that need non-direct sunlight and low levels of heat to flourish, like the heartleaf philodendron, rex begonias, boston fern, fishtail palms, ZZ plant and asparagus fern.

Devil’s Ivy, Peace Lilies and Chinese Evergreens

These pretty plants all have a low tolerance to light, so they’ll absolutely love a life next to windows covered with vertisheer blinds. These sheer blinds filter just the right amount of light to ensure your indoor plants will stay green, without turning them into brown, shriveled stumps.

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