How To Bring Christmas To Every Corner Of The House

How To Bring Christmas To Every Corner Of The House

It's the most wonderful time of year: Christmas! I love decorating the tree, making gingerbread and wrapping presents just as much as anyone, but I always like to go the extra mile. I don't stop at just decking the halls for the holidays, even my windows, curtains and blinds make a festive statement. Read on to find out how yours can, too!

Hanging delights

Make your home more festive than the North Pole with hanging ornaments, lights and ribbons. These can all be easily suspended from the blinds or curtains that are already hanging in your windows and help to bring Christmas to every corner of the house. I particularly love to hang transparent glass ornaments in my windows, as they catch the light and create gorgeous patterns at various times of the day when the sun hits them.

Season's greetings

Grab a white marker (that can be erased) and write a cute message on the glass of your windows. It's sure to make friends, family and even your neighbours smile! But if words aren't your thing, have some fun and draw on some reindeer, Santa, stars or snow, to name a few things. Just get creative and go nuts with it!

Bring the outdoors in

You simply can't beat the smell of a real Christmas pine tree. However, they can be hard to come across (not to mention difficult to maintain), so if you can’t get your hands on one, there are other ways you can incorporate living plants into your holiday décor. Dwarf lemon cypress trees are a much more manageable size, and smell absolutely amazing. For even smaller alternatives, try grabbing a bunch of greenery or seasonal flowers and popping them in a vase to create a Christmas centrepiece.

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