Best Window Coverings to Keep Heat Out

Best Window Coverings to Keep Heat Out

How to block heat from windows (DIY method)

Close your blinds

When it comes to reducing the temperature in your home, one of the simplest things you can do is close your blinds. No matter what style of blinds you have, it’s been noted that up to 30% of unwanted heat comes from your windows. So, by making the most out of your window treatments you can effectively lower indoor temperatures.

Even though all window treatments can be effective at reducing heat in the home, there are certain styles that are more energy efficient blinds than others. Here are my top four picks.

Best heat blocking blinds (interior)

    Aluminium Shutters

    DIY shutters are a great way to reduce summer heat. Once installed, shutters create a physical barrier on your windows that works to reflect the sun and slow the transference of heat through the glass into your home. Aluminium is a particularly effective heat-resistant material, allowing you to save on cooling bills in summer and heating bills in winter.

    To get the best results, choose a lighter colour like cream, white or soft grey rather than darker shades. Light colours reflect the sun, whereas dark colours absorb more heat.

    Double Roller Blinds

    As the name suggests, this version of a DIY roller blind combines two different types of roller fabric in one seamless and stylish system. The fabric layer closest to the window is often a sheer or sunscreen fabric, which allows light into your home while ensuring passers-by cannot see inside during the day. The second layer then consists of blockout fabric, to block out light and offer complete privacy, day or night. It’s this unique pairing of two fabrics in the one system that can reduce heat in your home.

    For optimal results, pair a sheer sunscreen blind on one layer and a complete blockout fabric on the other. During cooler days, you can enjoy the sunshine softly filtering through the sunscreen blind with the blockout layer rolled up. Then, on warmer days, you can reduce the heat by keeping both layers rolled down throughout the day.

Best heat blocking blinds (exterior)

If you don’t already have outdoor window coverings installed, it might be worth looking into. Once installed, they act as a protective barrier over your window’s exterior, slowing the rate that heat transfers through the window glass.

Here are some of the best outdoor blinds that keep the heat out of your home.

    Auto Awnings

    One of the best ways to keep sun out (and as a result, keep heat out) of Australian homes is to put some type of covering on the outside of your home, like online auto awnings. Designed to be heat reflective, auto awnings are fixed to the external face of your window to provide maximum protection from the sun. These energy efficient awnings are available in high-quality acrylic canvas, blockout or sunscreen fabric and are incredibly easy to install.

    Windmaster Blinds

    Windmaster blinds don’t just block out the wind, they’re also effective at blocking out heat. These outdoor blinds can be installed to create a fully or partially enclosed outdoor area, perfect for shielding yourself and guests from the worst of the sun’s scorching rays.

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