Best blinds for Your Nursery or Baby's Room

Best blinds for Your Nursery or Baby's Room

If there's one thing parents of new babies can collectively agree on, it's the importance of sleep. When baby sleeps well, everyone is rested, and life is good! When baby doesn't sleep? Don't even go there. It's no wonder most parents will do everything in their power to make sure baby's room is a comfortable, safe and tranquil sleep environment. So, which type of window treatment is best?

4 Questions to ask when buying blinds

Here are my tips on what to consider:

How bright does the room get?

One of the golden rules for baby sleep is keeping the light low. Even during the day, the darker the room, the easier sleep will come.

How noisy is the room?

Once a baby is out of that newborn phase where they can sleep through anything, you'll find yourself tiptoeing around the house in constant fear of waking them. Go for blinds that minimise outside noise, especially if baby's rom faces a busy road.

How warm and/or cool does the room get?

Babies can't regulate their own body temperature for a few months, so keeping the room warm in winter and cool in summer is essential.

Are the window treatments child-safe?

It goes without saying that safety is paramount when it comes to babies and kids, so avoid window dressings with long chains, ropes or anything that could be a potential hazard.

Vertical Blinds

Practical to boot, verticals are a great choice for baby's room. The fabric panels can be adjusted for ultimate light control - open for a bright and cheery play room or a closed for a light-blocking effect at nap-time. Plus, the state-of-the-art tracking system ensures verticals are easy to use and as safe as possible. Verticals are also a great choice if you're after a bit of colour - they come in a huge range of styles and colours.

Double Roller Blinds

Double rollers do a great job of blocking out light, making them perfect for encouraging sleep. You've got the option of different degrees of light filtering and insulation, plus they'll help you maintain the room temperature year-round.

Want to chat about blinds for your nursery or baby's room? I'd love to hear from you! Browse our range or give me a call today.


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