Best Blinds For Your Kitchen

Best Blinds For Your Kitchen

The window treatments in your kitchen have a lot to deal with. From grease and splashes, to steam or even the occasional wine stain, it's important that your blinds are waterproof, easy to clean and won't hold on to smells. With these features in mind, here are my top picks for the heart of your home.

Roller Blinds

Whether your prefer classic rollers, or double roller blinds, these are both excellent choices for the kitchen. These premium quality blinds are made from durable and waterproof polyester, so you know they'll be easy to clean and take care of once you've installed them.

Aluminium Venetians

Made from a non-corrosive material protected by naturally occurring oxide film, aluminium venetians are as durable as blinds comes. Resistant to fading, peeling or warping, you won't have any hassles when it comes to cooking around these blinds. I also offer a wide range of colours, from bold to neutrals, to suit any style of kitchen.

Aluminium Shutters

Got a little bit of extra cash to splash? Consider choosing shutters for your kitchen to add a little extra wow factor. Aluminium is an incredibly low-maintenance and lightweight material, so you can enjoy them (with minimal fuss and cleaning) for many years to come. With high-tech powder coated, these water-resistant shutters are the perfect choice for areas prone to steam, moisture and mess.

Roman Blinds

If your kitchen faces direct sunlight or into the street, these are the right blinds for you. While these blinds are not quite as low maintenance as other options, they make up for it with their effortless style. They come complete with a simple chain system that is operated by a simple twist of the chain. This raises the blinds to your desired height and allows you to block light out or let it stream into your kitchen.

Interested in window treatments for your kitchen? I'd love to hear from you! Browse my affordable (not to mention stylish) product range online today.


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