Best Blinds for Wet Areas: Bathroom Blinds

Best Blinds for Wet Areas: Bathroom Blinds

The bathroom is one of my favourite rooms in the house. From sitting back in the tub with a glass (or bottle) of red and a good book, to singing at the top of your lungs in the shower, you simply can't beat it. Of course, no bathroom is complete without the right set of window treatments. Keep reading for some tips on picking the best bathroom blinds for your home!

The Bathroom Blinds Checklist

When it comes to blinds for the bathroom, durability is key. Once installed over your bathroom windows, the blinds will have to battle steam, splashes and even suds (if you’re lucky enough to have a bath!). For these reasons, it’s important to choose a material that’s not only stylish, but also water or moisture-resistant and hardwearing.

It might go without saying, but wooden blinds are a big no-no in the bathroom. They'll only absorb moisture over time, causing them to buckle and break easily. The best blinds for your bathroom are typically made of synthetic materials, like PVC or aluminium.

Vertical Blinds

If you're opting for vertical blinds in a wet area like the bathroom, choose a durable, acrylic coated fabric that won't absorb moisture from the air. Vertical blinds also offer excellent light and privacy control, as the blades both rotate and can slide entirely out of the way for a perfect view of the outdoors (that is, once you’re fully clothed again!). As one of the most popular and affordable styles of blinds in our range, vertical blinds are available in a wide range of classic and contemporary shades. Browse these blinds online and choose from a wide variety of coloured fabrics to suit your décor.

Woodlux Venetians

Wood may be a no-no, but Woodlux blinds get a big tick! These timber-look blinds have the appearance of timber, without the risk of water damage. So, while timber venetians installed in the bathroom would soon be ruined by moisture, the PVC in woodlux venetians will ensure they'll stand the test of time. The thin horizontal slats also make these blinds great privacy blinds, which is essential in a room like the bathroom!

Timber-look Nova Blinds

Similar to Woodlux blinds, these blinds also have the charming appearance of a wooden blind with the ability to withstand moisture, steam and splashes. Our nova blinds are made from hard-wearing PVC, which is a durable, moisture-resistant material. So, you won’t have to worry about these blinds buckling or warping in humid rooms like the bathroom. Another benefit that makes these bathroom blinds so appealing is that they’re incredibly easy to clean. Simply wipe the slats with a damp cloth every couple of months to keep the blinds looking as good as new.

Aluminium Shutters

Okay, so these window treatments aren’t blinds, but they’re one of the most durable, low maintenance covers you can buy for your bathroom windows. Once installed, stylish aluminium shutters can offer supreme light control and privacy in your bathroom sanctuary. Plus, because the shutters are made from aluminium, they won’t fade, peel or warp when exposed to constant moisture.

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