Art Deco Interior Design: Everything you Need to Know

Art Deco Interior Design: Everything you Need to Know

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What is Art Deco?

Art Deco (short for the French term art decoratifs) is an architectural and decorative arts movement that began in France. The movement grew in popularity in the 1920s and was popular until the start of World War II.

The Art Deco movement is symbolic of wealth, luxury, and opulence, fuelled by the technological advances of the time. Art Deco was a way for people to express their fortune, social status and of course – to live a glamorous life!

The Great Depression in 1929 forced many changes to how the Art Deco movement was portrayed, as well as resulted in a decrease in jobs. Nonetheless, marvels like The Empire State and Chrysler Buildings in New York were still built, giving people hope that Art Deco movement would live on. As time went on a new Art Deco style emerged, using more affordable materials and toning down the glamour.

Art deco went on to inspire furniture, jewellery, fashion, cinema and even cars.

Traditionally, Art Deco architecture and design isn’t mass-produced work; instead, they’re more one-of-a-kind, inspired kind of pieces.

Characteristics of Art Deco

The defining characteristics of what makes something identifiable as being inspired by this movement consists of:

  • Geometric shapes
  • Traditionally a black, silver and chrome base colour palette with neon or bold-colour accents. Other portrayals of Art Deco include bright and bold colour palettes.
  • Patterns – commonly leaves, branches and feathers, zigzags, or jagged lines
  • Brass furniture
  • Luxurious light fixtures
  • And last, but most certainly not least…glamour!

Art Deco Home Décor

If you’re wanting to create a home décor that looks and feels luxurious, taking inspiration from Art Deco can give you a modern, glamourous design that’s unique.

To create a modern Art Deco interior design in your home, there are a few décor items you need. These include:

  • Patterns – on furniture, wallpaper, or fabrics
  • Brass or chrome plated furniture – particularly on the legs of furniture
  • Over-the-top light fixtures – think Great Gatsby chandeliers
  • Lines – mostly geometric with some circular accents to break it up
  • Arch details
  • Symmetrical design

Creating An Art Deco Home Décor

There’s no one way to create an Art Deco interior design, that’s the fun of this style! The best way to get started is to decide whether you want the Art Deco style throughout your home or only a room. The next aspect of the design process is to work out whether you want to go all out with Art Deco opulence, or whether you want to tone it down with neutral colours?

This decision will guide your colour palette. If you want pure elegance, go for a metallic-based palette and complement it with accents of contrasting colours. If you want something more fun and eclectic, go for bold colours!

Art Deco Colour Palettes

The exciting aspect of Art Deco interior design is that you aren’t limited to one colour palette for your space.

During the 1920s when economies were thriving, the colours used in design reflected the vibrancy in society. The colours were typically bold, fun, and full of life. Think hot pink, yellow, and blues.

Another common colour palette was using metallics like silver, blue, gold (brass) and charcoal. These colours have a sense of elegance and wealth, the epitome of Art Deco itself.

Black and white became a popular combination, particularly seen in tiles and flooring. A common colour palette for interiors was monochromatic schemes of neutral tones while for exteriors, pastels were very popular. Using complementary colours (meaning they are opposite one another on the colour wheel) in your interior design, can create a distinctive and striking Art Deco design.

Art Deco Patterns and Shapes

Some of the key elements of Art Deco interior design are geometric shapes and patterns. Art Deco is the opposite of the idea of minimalistic design, and there’s no holding back on design elements in this space.

Frequent motifs identifying Art Deco are:

  • Smaller arches within larger arches
  • Leafy designs and branches
  • Gold circles
  • Symmetrical line designs
  • Shiny objects (including mirrors and jewels)

Art Deco inspired furniture

To get some visual inspiration of what to expect from Art Deco furniture, think Great Gatsby… velvet fabrics, bold patterns, and geometric shapes. The furniture tends to have an element of brass (gold) or other shiny accents.

What to consider when choosing Art Deco Furniture:

  • Look for furniture with metal or shiny accents – on the bases, legs, frame
  • Add elements of brass-looking furniture
  • Either go for dark and moody furniture, or choose a bold/ geometric pattern
  • If you’re not sure what type of wood to choose, try a dark wood
  • Try to look for furniture that’s very geometric, or has geometric patterns/ shapes on it

Art Deco inspired blinds and curtains

The beauty of Art Deco is that it’s the design movement where what feels over the top, is perfectly fine. So, if you’re brave, why not have some fun with patterned curtains and blinds!

Patterned window dressings tend to get a bad rap, but there are some amazing modern patterns to accentuate your new Art Deco space. To embrace Art Deco as it was in the 1920s, go for a leafy pattern. For a more modernised pattern, why not try a black and gold geometric pattern?

A great option for an Art Deco space is using roller blinds. Roller blinds are popular blinds as they are affordable, versatile, and available in a range of fabrics. Roller blinds are available in different colours and patterns too – perfect for Art Deco!

Another option for blinds is Vision blinds. These blinds are perfect for adding more pattern and shape as they are designed with two layers of fabric, one opaque and another that is translucent.

If you’re looking for more inspiration to create a timeless look, check out our blog on curtain and blind trends through the decades.

Art Deco DIY

While the idea of creating a luxurious Art Deco interior design in your home sounds expensive, there are plenty of ways you can create an inspired look yourself without breaking the budget.

Some ways to upcycle old furniture and décor items into a brand-new Art Deco-inspired masterpiece are to:

  • Update the fabric patterns on your chairs with a new and funky pattern. Go for a pattern with geometric shapes or even arches throughout, or if you want a solid colour, why not try a rich gold for some faux-luxe!
  • Repaint your cabinets into black and gold and get creative with masking tape to create the iconic geometric lines or find a stencil online!
  • Change up your cabinet handles into something brass or chrome-plate looking.
  • Sticking-on diamantes or jewels are a great way to give an expensive-looking DIY upgrade. Perhaps stick them to the outside frame of a mirror or piece of furniture.

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