6 Simple Spring Cleaning Tips

6 Simple Spring Cleaning Tips

With skies clearing once again, it’s time to shake off the winter blues with a touch of spring cleaning! But before you bust out the cleaning products, consider the tips in this checklist to help make this your most efficient spring clean ever.

Spring Cleaning: The basics

What’s included in a spring clean?

Spring cleaning is all about tackling the areas that get overlooked throughout the year. Unlike a regular household clean, a spring clean involves attacking every nook and cranny inside and outside your home.

When should you start spring cleaning?

The answer’s is the name! Spring is a great time to get your home ready before summer starts, with mild temperatures and sunny weather working to motivate you to get your clean on.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

  1. Prioritise seasonal jobs

    Warm spring weather is perfect for tackling outdoor jobs like cleaning the barbie, hosing down outdoor furniture and de-cobwebbing your alfresco blinds. By getting them out of the way now, you can be ready to invite your friends and fam around for a get together whenever you like.

    Don’t already have outdoor blinds? Here are some of the best outdoor styles to make alfresco entertaining more comfortable all year round.

  2. Make checklists for each room

    If the thought of spending an entire day spring cleaning fills you with dread, here’s a tip: approach your home cleaning room-by-room.

    Create a checklist for each room of the house and tackle each one when you get a spare moment, rather than all in one go. You might find home cleaning a much more enjoyable process by using this method.

  3. Wash windows on cloudy days

    If you think it’s better to wash your windows when the sun’s out, you might be surprised! ‘But why?’ we hear you ask. Well, if it’s sunny outside, the cleaning solution dries rapidly, leaving streaks on your windows.

    Another way to avoid streaky windows is to wash the glass with water and a microfibre cloth – a combination that’s often more effective than harsh cleaning chemicals!

  4. Ditch the duster

    It’s lovely when light streams in through your windows… that is, until it displays all of the dust on your blinds! Rather than using a clunky feather duster, grab an old (but clean) sock instead. With the sock on your hand, you can easily glide over each slat and remove any dust and debris. You can find more cleaning and care tips here.

  5. Reduce your spring cleaning products

    Walk into any local supermarket cleaning aisle and you’ll be overwhelmed with the cleaning products available. From miracle tile cleaners to wonder kitchen bench-top wipes, there are endless options for every room of the home.

    The truth is, you don’t need a specific product for every surface in in your home. All they do is add unnecessary clutter to your home. In our opinion, the real champions of spring cleaning are basic supplies like quality microfiber cloths and all-purpose cleaners (which can easily be made yourself).

  6. Go natural

    How do you spring clean naturally? Make yourself a homemade cleaner! To make a basic cleaning solution, like the one below, simply add all the ingredients into a spray bottle, tighten the lid and shake well before using.

    ½ cup vinegar
    2 cups water
    1 tsp castile soap
    5 drops essential oil (mint or citrus)
    Another favourite eco-friendly cleaning tip is to use bi-carb soda to refresh coffee or tea-stained mugs. Fill the stained mug with one part bi-carb and two parts water, then leave to soak overnight before scrubbing out and rinsing with fresh water.

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